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NHS Language Services

Translation and Language services provided through the NHS Shared Business Service Agreement

Save money, cut delays and improve the quality of your translated offerings

using the NHS Shared Business Service agreement for languages

It’s free to join for all NHS trusts and related bodies, simple to set up and designed to give you the most comprehensive set of language services available at a price you can’t ignore.

Here’s what you gain by using us to deliver your language projects:

  • Access to professional interpreters skilled in hundreds of languages
  • A 24hr telephone interpreting service, for those times when prior arrangement is just not possible.
  • Document Translation Services from an internationally renowned professional provider
  • Premium accessibility services as relied on by top level corporate and government departments
  • Industry leading quality assurance from a specialist with more than 25 years’ experience
  • A secure managed service with a focus on data protection
  • A dedicated contact to handle all of your language requirements

… all at exclusive discounted rates solely for users of the NHS shared service agreement for languages.

Providing NHS Trusts with interpreting,
translation and accessibility services

…without the headaches

The NHS shared service agreement allows you to call on the expertise of our skilled language suppliers to provide your customers, patients and interested parties with high quality interpreters, translations and accessible formats like Braille, large print and Easy Read.

You only need to call one number and we’ll take care of everything for you. Just provide details of your requirements and save yourself the headache of finding, researching, vetting, organising and paying your own specialists.



Great services administered by renowned provider, K International

Language and translation services provided through this agreement are carried out by leading UK specialist K International. We have a long history of working with NHS trusts as well as high-profile corporate and government bodies (through the RM1092 framework) including but not limited to; Marks & Spencer, Tesco, The British Library, The British Army and the Ministry of Justice.

Because all of our clients rightly expect the best quality, we have spent more than two decades ensuring our processes & resources provide exactly what they require. Our business is language and we deliver high volumes on a daily basis, so you know when you place a project with us it’s going to be handled by the best people in the industry.

We have vast experience of the following translation disciplines, which occasionally overlap with the medical service our clients require:

Translation Services through the shared service agreement

How we help the NHSdeliver language solutions to their customers

By procuring your language services through K International and the NHS shared service agreement, you are assured of the best possible results. All of our specialists are professionally qualified and vetted to a high standard to guarantee your customers receive the highest standard of language products.

Upon signing up to the agreement, NHS trusts have immediate access to the following services and many others at exclusive rates


NHS Interpreting

The requirement for interpreters can vary considerably. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of specialist interpreting services to NHS trusts, each job is treated as a bespoke assignment.  We take care of every aspect of the project with no hidden costs, all you need to do is provide us with a date, time and a description of your requirement.


Medical Translation

Our dedicated NHS medical translation service is available in more than 250 languages and is relied upon by both NHS trusts and private medical institutions. The service is tailored to cater for various specialisations required by the NHS including patient information, public documents, websites, legal documentation and internal communication.


NHS Transcription

NHS trusts can benefit from one of the most reliable medical transcription services in the UK. We work with taped meetings, interviews, telephone calls and any other form of audio recording. Our team will transcribe your recordings into English and also translate from any other foreign language audio that you require.


EasyRead Services

NHS Easy Read documents are created by K International on a case-by-case basis, to allow people with learning difficulties to understand complex material. They are written in clear, concise language without jargon or other confusing terminology. Key points are also clearly explained using diagrams and illustrations.


Braille Production

K International can convert any document into Braille Translation Service, providing NHS trusts with a solution for the blind and visually impaired. As part of the production process every document is proofread by an experienced Braille reader to ensure accuracy, quality and usability. Particular attention is given to providing a user friendly layout.


Large Print Conversion

Large Print documents are a quick and cost effective method of presenting information so that it is easily read by people with poor vision. Our studio team are experienced in the creation of these documents from existing material, and can ensure that the style and look of the final product is consistent with your original document.

NHS trust partners currently benefiting from our linguistic expertise